25th May – 2nd June 2024 Creative Kernow



Drawings paintings and mixed media in a wide variety of sizes, surfaces and media. Subject matter wide-ranging though portraiture is a specialism.

A warm welcome to all and an exclusive experience with me and a look at my recent work since moving to Redruth and Krowji in the summer of 2023.

Working with a wide range of subject matter, surfaces, size and media. Although drawing and painting, portraiture and figurative work has always been a predominant feature of my output I am also enjoying mural commissions and digital work too. I have always worked from dreams and imagination as well as observational and with the reality of world around me. What I produce will continue to change and hopefully I am making positive progress with my visual language as I live and experience life.

First visitors each day will be offered a free quick portrait. Other options available during the day.

Commissions undertaken for wide ranging subject matter surface and media with requirements discussed without obligation. Work from life and second hand materials. Winner of SWAc 2020.

Opening Times
12pm - 4pm

Opening Days
Sat 25th May
Sun 26th May
Mon 27th May
Tue 28th May
Wed 29th May
Thu 30th May
Fri 31st May
Sat 1st Jun
Sun 2nd Jun

Follow Signs for KROWJI building along West Park. Percy Williams building. First floor. First studio on the right hand after the lift.
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The venue is open all year round by appointment

Accessibility Information
Excellent accessibility.