25th May – 2nd June 2024 Creative Kernow

Tony Minnion


Contemporary and energetic paintings, drawings and screen prints of the Cornish coast - all at affordable prices.

Tony Minnion’s landscapes on display at Open Studios capture and articulate the energy and primal forces of the landscape.

Following hidden paths and tracks shared by adventurous surfers and sea anglers he mainly paints from the North Cliffs on the Cornish north coast, an impressive landscape often overlooked by other Cornwall landscape artist.
The scale height and drama of the cliffs and rugged charm of the coastline are captured ‘plein air’ and at speed using a distinctive sweeping free style.

He paints the extremes of space and distance, light and dark, vertiginous drops and plummeting depth that he is drawn to.

Shoreline and cliff face are portrayed with complex, abstracted textures and heightened colour revealing hidden recesses and openings that suggest gateways to other worlds – pathways leading deeper into the painting and further into the animate heart of the landscape.

Because Tony believes that his artwork should be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates them and would like one he will be using Open Studios to offer paintings at very affordable prices. He is also willing to accept payment of larger works in installments at no extra cost if it helps people to afford them

Opening Times
11am - 5pm

Opening Days
Sat 25th May
Sun 26th May
Mon 27th May
Tue 28th May
Wed 29th May
Thu 30th May
Fri 31st May
Sat 1st Jun
Sun 2nd Jun

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