25th May – 2nd June 2024 Creative Kernow

Stacey Sibley Pilchards Press Studio


Stacey’s studio is situated in one of the old Pentus Wall fisherman cellars in the beautiful Port Isaac harbour.

Inspired by her surroundings and having the sea inches from the door of her studio, Stacey loves to paint seascapes especially aerial views, boats and sea life studies in acrylic’s, oils and watercolours. She has also learnt the skills of silversmithing and enjoys making jewellery from sea glass she finds on the beach or sea and nature inspired silver pieces.

The studio is full of beach combing and vintage finds adding to its charm.

Visitors often remark at its beautiful stunning views and the calming sounds of the sea

Opening Times
11am - 5pm

Opening Days
Sat 25th May
Sun 26th May
Mon 27th May
Tue 28th May
Wed 29th May
Thu 30th May

Walk to the beach from the car park walk down past the golden lion pub and carry on past the mote until you reach the beach. On the right you will see an old wall and cobblestones up to old fisherman’s cellars and railings with fishing nets
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The venue is open all year round by appointment

Accessibility Information
The cobblestones and narrow pathway up to the cellar is uneven so care is needed walking up. There is no wheelchair or buggy access as it’s narrow and old