25th May – 2nd June 2024 Creative Kernow

Kuriology (almost secret) Art Laboratory

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    Installation, Mixed Media
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    Wheal Vor
    TR13 9NQ

Kuriology Art Laboratory Cabinet of Curiosity Installation of lesser-known creature oddities & ‘papier mâché' taxidermy species creations.

For Open Studios 2024 we have created an instillation exhibition of the Kuriology Art Laboratory filled with exotic lesser-known creatures. A combination of Dr Frankenstein’s antique/vintage laboratory, a splash of Hitchcock’s taxidermy filled Bates hotel & creatures that may well have crawled out of the chemical waste filled abandoned mine tunnels of Cornwall’s very own post WWII secret chemical warfare laboratory, Nancekuke?

When we held our 1st exhibition of creative works at Helston Museum in 2017, the West Briton dubbed our Kuriology Art exhibition on front page of their ‘Whats On’ newspaper as – ‘Museum of the Impossible’, a ‘Cabinet of Imaginary Wonders’. Pre Brexit, collectors from 33 different countries worldwide have subsequently acquired some 1,000+ Kuriology creations. Then came Covid. Since 2017 many new creature species of fantasy & fiction have continued to emerge from our tinkering at our art laboratory, but as yet not released in the wild.

What is Kuriology?
A combination of antique French polishing, assemblage art, papier mâché & decoupage, using primarily recycled/repurposed materials creating object d’art sculptures. Likened to ‘Paper Taxidermy’ in creating fantasy unknown creatures, specimens & oddities that would be quite at home in a ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ of lesser cryptids & unknown species.

How did Kuriolgy sculptures come about?
As a bi product of disability art therapy. The artist had a need to be productive & creative whilst originally housebound for over a decade following catastrophic trauma.

Who is the Kuriologist?
A cognitively disabled self-taught ‘Outsider, brut/raw’ artist with severe PTSD.
(NB. Also Mr Zeus – a 7.5 stone friendly German Shepherd Disability Service Dog. He likes people.)

A selection of some creations available for sale by cash purchase (From as little as £25 – upwards)

Opening Times
11am - 1pm, 2pm - 6pm

Opening Days
Sat 25th May
Sun 26th May
Mon 27th May
Tue 28th May
Wed 29th May
Thu 30th May
Fri 31st May
Sat 1st Jun
Sun 2nd Jun

Located on Helston to Carleen Road, just 100m outside village of Carleen heading towards Helston. Roadside parking.
The map used on this profile is powered by Google maps and the pin use postcodes rather than very specific locations, in some cases this may not be accurate and it is always worth checking the venue directions on the participants page.

Accessibility Information
*Possible, but not very wheelchair friendly access (couple of steps & some slightly uneven ground).
**Sorry, No dogs (other than Disability Service/Guide Dogs).
***Mind yer head. Tall people (over 5' 8") might need to duck in doorways/places.
***No unaccompanied children under 16yrs.
(Any unaccompanied children may be given x4 shots of expresso & told their parents will get them a puppy for Xmas, then sent home).