27th May – 4th June 2023 Creative Kernow

Hilary Jean Gibson


A warm welcome to Polteggan where Hilary Jean Gibson will be showing drawings, paintings, prints and sketchbooks with Jill Eisele.

The studio, house and garden will be open to visitors, where they can meet Hilary Jean Gibson who will be showing original drawings, sketchbooks paintings and her books “Godolphin” and “Illustrations of the Leach Pottery”.

Hilary’s work is inspired by symbolism and folklore and her work often includes a narrative, she mainly draws old buildings and plants growing in their natural habitat. She enjoys exploring the space between fact and fiction.

Jill Eisele’s paintings will be on view both in progress and finished. Mostly oils based on outdoor drawings and other visual information, she continues to explore the elusive space between figuration and abstraction, inspired by the extraordinary and magical Penwith Peninsula. Visitors can experiment with oil and water based materials. Polteggan is very near the renowned National Trust Trengwainton Gardens.

Hilary and Jill often draw together in the landscape but with quite different outcomes.

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Sat 27th May
Sun 28th May
Mon 29th May
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Thu 1st Jun
Fri 2nd Jun
Sat 3rd Jun
Sun 4th Jun

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