25th May – 2nd June 2024 Creative Kernow


A Welcome to Open Studios Cornwall from Anthony Frost

‘I really admire those artists that participate.

I used to host big studio visits, 45 students in the morning and 45 in the afternoon, those were the days!  I’ve always felt it was a two way vibe – the artists taking part and those that visit the artists. I mean it’s great to have people visit you and show them your work and talk about it and hopefully have people who appreciate the work listen to you and discuss your methods with you and then maybe even buy something!!! And I know from visiting artist’s studios myself, John Hoyland in London, one of my favourites, and seeing his amazing paintings and his studio absolutely spattered from floor to ceiling in paint and listening to him enthusiastically talking about it all, wonderful.

Visual artists, like writers and poets, spend a lot of time on their own and need / want to show people their work and where they work and how they work. I loved the series that the Guardian Newspaper did, “Writers’ Rooms”. It was fascinating to see where these writers and poets worked and what their rooms looked like and what writers felt they needed around them to create! I always wished they would do “Artists in their Studios” as I’d love to see how and what other artists do and where they do it.

I’m a natural snooper and love to pry and I know there are lots of you who  love to visit artist’s studios and the artists love you to visit them, so go ahead, do it, they are waiting for you!’

Anthony Frost is the second eldest son of the artist Terry Frost.

As well as being an internationally known artist who has just shown at The Armoury New York, Anthony is a keen Pétanque player and with his boule playing partner won and brought The Turkey Shoot Charity Shield back to Cornwall, after two years of it being held by Somerset Teams!!!!

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